GLAUDI was created in 2011 because Johana wanted to give back to kids who suffer from poverty in poor villages in El Salvador. Through GLAUDI and her fundraising organization Latinos Con Corazon she has been able to build a school in the middle of the Jungle of San Ramon and also have provided computers and basic essentials to sorrounding schools and orphanages. Johana continues giving back thanks to you shopping the GLAUDI collection.

Latinos Con Corazon is an event production that raises funds for non profits to help kids and elders suffering from poverty through Estilo Con Causa: Fashion,Music and Art Event. Johana Hernandez and her best friend Marielena Bravo founded this organization to give back to the countries were there parents came from. They wanted to show the world that you can achieve your dreams no matter where you come from and when you succeed you have to give back!  help the next generation succeed!

Estilo Con Causa 2 from Guido Media on Vimeo.