GLAUDI by Johana Hernandez

Infused with sophistication and sexiness, GLAUDI speaks to the heart of the modern woman.  Made in the cosmopolitan city of angels, Los Angeles, GLAUDI specializes in haute couture dresses and bridal. GLAUDI couture house provides a luxury experience for your special day that is engraved with elegance and everlasting love. Our GLAUDI designer Johana Hernandez, reflects her passion in each custom made gown making you fashionably unforgettable. At GLAUDI, we value marriage “…the two will become one flesh.’ So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate”(Mark 10. 8-9) .

The Designer: Johana Hernandez

Nominated by PEOPLE magazine en Espanol in 2014 "25 most powerful woman", Latina Magazine "30 favorite stars under 30”, and Alegria Magazine, "10 most influential Latinas in Los Angeles", Johana Hernandez was honored for her success as a hardworking and inspiring designer. In 2013, Johana Hernandez starred on NBC’s reality designer competition series Fashion Star. Johana was the winner of the FIAT designer campaign and was mentored by Nichole Richie. While all of these accolades have been awarded to her, they were earned with hard work and sacrifice. Johana is a Los Angeles-based women’s wear fashion designer born in Compton, California. To make ends meet her parents worked long hours in sweatshops, sewing for brands such as Guess, Calvin Klein and Gap. As her time was invested in the sweatshops with her parents, Hernandez’s passion for fashion ignited. At only 19, she earned her first job as a head designer, where her first collection was featured on Wall Street Journal. At 22, she became head designer of Seven7 Jeans, designing for all categories including plus size. She has also designed for Isaac Mizrahi Jeans, Eli Tahari, Hannah Montana license, Disney license and more. Hernandez’s collections were and are available worldwide at mass retailers such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Macy’s, Bloomingdales, Lane Bryant, Kohl’s, Target and many more. In 2017 Johana will be starring as a designer judge on The Fashion Hero. Reality TV show airing internationally. The Fashion Hero will invert the unrealistic qualities the fashion and beauty industries attain and promote the beauty of inner-self where she will be choosing the face of GLAUDI through a series of models competing to win and show that they have more to offer than just beauty.

Hernandez is also a fashion trend forecaster, red carpet expert, and has been featured on various outlets including Univision, CNN, Telemundo and more for all the hottest award shows, Grammys, Oscars,  VMA’s, and more.


At age 24, the designer launched her own collection, GLAUDI by Johana Hernandez. GLAUDI was created to raise funds for kids suffering from poverty in Latin America through her fashion events and sales. Through a goal of helping others, GLAUDI now attains a strong celebrity following. Designing for elite red carpets and world celebrity tours, GLAUDI serves to the women who fulfill their desires. GLAUDI gowns have won best dressed at the Latin Grammys as worn by Latin pop star, Paulina Rubio. Johana has also designed for Gloria Trevi’s Tour, Princess of Greece Theodora, Lucero and many others. In July 2016, the first GLAUDI flagship store opened in the city of Downey. Johana Hernandez never knew GLAUDI would become a luxury brand as she came from humble beginnings! Indulging in your passion will navigate you to your dreams, as well as paths that lead you to helping others. Therefore, every GLAUDI dress is passionately created; complementing your confidence and ability to reach success!

What does GLAUDI mean?

GLAUDI is inspired by generations of the strongest people who have influenced fashion in my life! My grandmother who passed away of breast cancer in El Salvador was a designer. My mother Gladis Hernandez inherited her talents alongside my father Jose Hernandez. They were all a big influence in my career as a child. My parents, Jose & Gladis Hernandez, came to the U.S. from El Salvador to achieve the American dream. Due to my mother’s experience with garments in El Salvador they were able to find jobs quickly at sweat shops. Since we were a low income family my parents would bring me along with them to their job over the weekends. At the sweat shops I would observe while they worked and I loved it! I’m thankful to God for that experience as a child. Never did I know fashion design would be my career, but God always has a plan. Because of my parent’s humble beginnings I learned at a young age how to create designs for the masses. GLAUDI was created to share with the world what my family inherited in the real world of fashion. My middle name and mother’s name is Gladis and GLAUDI is my life in fashion!
I love by the following saying: “GOD IS FABULOUS, PRAISE HIM.”